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How Your Business Can Use the Features of the New Facebook Timeline

Facebook has recently rolled out the new timeline feature for brand pages.  Every business page will be switched over to Timeline on March 30th, 2012. This set of features provide a new way for brands to market themselves on Facebook. It will take time to get used to the layout, add your content, and publish your new timeline so this guide will help you get started and published quickly.

Cover Photograph

With the cover photograph feature you can show your brand photograph at the timeline top so your fans get a visual depiction of what your brand is about the moment they visit your page. The photograph can be customized with an image that is 855 by 320 pixels. You can use this new feature to get very creative with your cover photograph and promote your brand even more through Facebook. There are many companies already making good use of this feature.

Smaller Picture Profile

Another new change with the timeline is the use of a smaller profile picture. You’ll need to change any old photographs you have to use the new format style. Your new picture must use the dimensions of 180 x 180. One way to make use of this is to just use a logo to summarize what your brand is about.

The About Section

The about section was always a part of your Facebook page but it’s now featured near the top of the new timeline. You can update this section to suit your needs on the site.  You can also work with the about section and put in your physical address, hours of operation, telephone number, and other important information about your business. This will only apply if you have a physical location for your business, but it will help people contact you so make use of it. For other businesses you can enter in a clear description so users understand your timeline better.

Banner for Applications

The old photo banner is replaced with the new applications style banner. This will highlight any applications that are added to the timeline. Old application on the left will appear on this new banner. The Admin can decide which three applications to show in the slots on the banner. You’ll want to choose from your most important applications to highlight in this section of the timeline. The images shown in this new application banner can be customized so make use of this feature with your images at 111 x 74 pixels. It’s important to note that you can add more applications but these are accessed via a drop down menu. Be sure to place your most important applications on the new banner feature.

Fan Messages On/Off Feature

With the new timeline feature any fan can now send you private messages. This new feature is located by the application banner on the right corner of the application. You do have the option to turn this feature on and off to suit your needs. This handy feature gives your fans a way of contacting you privately about problems with your timeline so you can handle inquires about services or products with ease.  Access this feature from the administration panel. This new feature is a great way for your customers to interact with your brand and company. You can also now choose to hide recent posts of fans if you want. Go to the permissions section and turn of this section if you need to.

Changing the Visibility of Posts by Others and the Activity Log

You have the ability to approve content before it goes onto your live timeline. You’ll find this feature under the manage permissions section. There are times when you might want to have content approved before it’s placed on the timeline which gives you more control. The activity log feature provides you a listing of posts on your page in the past such as photographs and other content. This content has editing features as well and you can choose to highlight certain sections. A delete features allow you to remove what you don’t want.

The Admin Panel

The administration panel provides you with notifications, settings, insights, messages and other information all from one interface. This is only visible to the admin of the timeline and it gives you a quick overview while you administer your timeline. From here you can invite Facebook friends and other contacts to be a part of your timeline.

Milestone Feature

With the new milestone feature you can add important events that relate to your organization.  You could show when your company opened, add photographs and then how you progressed over time. This feature can gives your users a good view of your company and add some genuine interest to your timeline. To start you’ll need to enter in information about when your company was founded. You can have some fun with this new feature and get creative here.

Use Post Pins

Another feature allows you to pin different posts to your page at the top for up to seven days. This lets you highlight important information for promotion purposes and gets it out to your fans and readers. Find the content you want, edit the information, and then the pin to top to have this as featured content.

An Essential Tool for Your Business

The new Facebook timeline has plenty of tools you can use to make your brand and page more accessible to your readers. Use the new photograph features, change your about section, and place important applications where they are visible. Work with your posts, fan messages, and other content with ease. Use the new milestone feature to highlight events in your company.  Your company can benefit from the new Facebook timeline.

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