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How Often Do You Consider User Experience During Design?

E-commerce is a tricky trade when it comes to your retail business. If you’ve owned a retail site for some time, you’ve no doubt made changes that are necessary to keep your business standing tall against your competition. Over the last several years, there’s been noticeable evolutions in not only the way that we communicate information to our website visitors, but the technology that allows us to do so. User experience is a vital part to the success of any website whether you have an e-commerce store or not. But on no other type of website can a poor user experience do so much damage to a business. User experience is all about keeping website visitors informed, engaged, and interested in your site for the sake of driving revenue conversions and keeping users in a research phase on your website.

Ask any e-commerce website owner and they’ll tell you that best way to improve your user experience is to start with media. Images have always been a necessity on retail websites. Now, you also need to be able to demonstrate products and show them in a real life setting through the use of video. YouTube content on your website that is made by your company (or a hired service) essentially kills two birds with one stone. Video keeps users on the site longer and the more information you can provide in your video, the more likely a user is to return. Hosting your content on YouTube while posting it to your site is also an additional visitor stream. YouTube is sometimes considered a search engine, and boasts surpassing Bing when it comes to the number of searches in a given year. By adding content to a YouTube channel that is optimized for keywords relevant to the video, you can drive YouTube “organic” traffic to your site.

With E-commerce sites, it’s not uncommon to encounter an issue of users bouncing from your site quickly. Especially if you rank well organically, users in the research phase are either looking for what you have but at a fraction of the cost, or they are simply looking for information and have yet to make a decision on who they’ll be purchasing gear from. Rather than have these researchers leave your website after quickly browsing a specific product, you need to place additional content in front of them that will allow them to interact further with your website, as well as develop purchasing options that are available to them. Consider adding a “Frequently Bought Together” and a “Most Popular” segment to your website While most users know what they are looking for, there are still plenty who don’t, so if you keep their minds open to other options outside of the initial landing page, you keep users on your site substantially longer, while offering more possibilities to drive revenue through a specific user.

The user experience is a novel’s worth of writing that can go on for quite some time. Be sure to check back often for other recommendations to improve your e-commerce user experience.

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