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Is Your Website Mobile Device Friendly?

There are over 449 million smartphone users worldwide as of the end of 2011. In a world of rapidly evolving technology, consumers now find it easier than ever to stay connected to the online world whether they’re at home or on the go. Over the last few years, mobile technology has developed faster than any other electronic industry. In order for businesses to stay in complete contact with their customers, they must also evolve. A regular browser friendly website is no longer sufficient for a business to succeed in this fast-paced world. If your brand wants to survive the next decade and continue to flourish and grow, you must meet the needs of the mobile community. Upper Hand Technologies not only has the resources but the experience your business needs as times continue to change.

Over the last decade, it was commonly thought that all a business needed to produce mobile applications to place their business in front of mobile users was a smart phone app. However, over the last few years, technology within CSS coding, along with the development of HTML5, has changed the game on the mobile phone. There is no longer a need for hours to be spent writing JavaScript or proprietary coding for mobile phone developers, such as Apple, to accommodate users on the go while maintaining your regular website. With HTML5 you can now have a site coded that is friendly for viewing on desktop personal computers, as well as mobile phones and tablets.

The evolution of content management systems has also made the investment into mobilizing your website minimal, meaning businesses both large and small can accommodate mobile users regardless of their gross income. You can usually communicate information, product detail, and blog updates right to mobile devices in a view that is friendlier than that of personal computers. Businesses can also manage transactions, whether they occurred on mobile devices or personal computers through the same portal implemented in the content management system that runs their website. The team at Upper Hand Technologies is extremely well-versed in the requirements that are needed to get your business to be mobile friendly and accommodate users that are always on the move.

If you haven’t already developed some sort of mobile accommodation for your customers and new users, you’re already behind the curve of technological evolution. If you expect your business to survive the next 10 years, you need to adjust to the ever-changing technologies that are available to consumers today. The staff at Upper Hand Technologies understands that this achievement is more feasible than ever with new platforms and content management systems that are readily available for all business types. Adapting to mobile users not only gives your business an extended sense of credibility, but can play detrimental to your businesses survival. As methods of communication continue to change, we may very well in fact see society phase out desktop computers as we know it. Adapting to mobile technologies not only adds to your bottom line now, but can play crucial in the future of your business for generations to come.

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