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Marketing Your YouTube Videos

Marketing Your YouTube Videos

You’ve probably read in some social media article or e-book about the wonderful success of companies such as Blendtec and Old Spice have amassed on YouTube. Have you decided that creating some video content and promoting it on YouTube is the right marketing move for your business? We’re here to help!

This guide will be five-fold. Five steps to drive people to your YouTube video(s).

  1. Marketing Your Youtube VideosChoosing marketable content
  2. Search Engine Optimization techniques
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. And well, viral marketing

Marketable content. During the planning stage, the most important decision will be made. The content you decide to create MUST be marketable. People find some things engaging and some things boring. Funny and amazing content are more easily marketed. One of the reasons why the Old Spice guy and the Blentec video series were/are so popular is because they were funny and amazing, respectively. Useful content can also be viral but useful with some sort of twist will help give videos more legs in the race to more video views.

Search Engine Optimization. Using the right keywords and tags can go a long way into getting you some views for your video. If your video has cats in it, put the word cat in the title and the tags. If you have a leprechaun in it, use the word in the title and the tags. Do some research popular keywords used on YouTube. Remember that YouTube is a search engine just like Google is a search engine. Your SEO knowledge will greatly help in your quest for more views. Also, use your website URL in the video description to give visitors a way to get to your website.

Social Media Marketing. I realize that posting a video on YouTube is probably part of your social media marketing plan to begin with. But remember that your YouTube video is can be part of your branding. Promote your YouTube video to your Twitter followers and on your company’s Facebook page. You can also promote in whichever other social media channels you’re using.

Affiliate Marketing. We’ve talked about using social media marketing as a means to promote your YouTube video. Take it a step further by promoting it on your affiliate marketing programs. Give a copy of the video to your affiliate marketers. Actually, post it also on your own blog. Make the most out of the resource that you made. Your blog visitors just may enjoy your video, that’s a good thing.

Viral Marketing. Viral marketing is by definition something you have very little control of since people choose what they want to share to their friends and other contacts. If you do your homework in planning the content for the video to make the virality of the video more successful and have shared it with all of your channels, the next step is to sit back and wait for it to catch on. Keep an eye on analytics and everywhere you see it posted, do your best to promote those locations as well.

No matter how good a video is, it won’t take off without some promotional effort. Creating and promoting a viral video on YouTube is not a perfect science. Some studies say that you might make 15 videos before you get one that goes viral. Those aren’t great odds, however the rewards can be significant and worth the effort.

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