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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

Online bookmarking tools have become very popular in the last ten years. While using the favorite option on your web browser usually does the trick, there are just many extra cool functions that online bookmarking can provide. One of these is sharing bookmarked sites online either publicly or with a certain network. It also allows for the use of informal tags in order to classify what the bookmarked sites are about or whom they are for. The whole thing is a very social affair over the internet since it can be used to share reference links among professionals/practitioners from various industries and even people who share the same humor. Social BookmarkingIt’s also very popular for research collaboration over the internet.

Social Bookmarking Websites:

Digg. This site is a bookmark primarily in the business of sharing news from various industries and topics. You can choose to browse links related to business, entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, offbeat, politics, science, sports, technology or the world news. Its difference from your topic related news site like is that the content of the site doesn’t come from a single company or user but instead the content is a collection of reference links that come from users. You can share links to your own blog or blogs you’ve found useful and you can check for content that you need to research on. The cool thing is that you can even personalize your own news!

Reddit. This one is an online social bookmarking community that focuses on what is popular around the internet. The bookmarks focus on humor, gaming and various other tags such as politics, trees and seo among thousands of others. Users submit content and vote on whether they like or dislike a certain bookmark to determine its popularity. It’s a very fun social bookmarking site since they have their own humor and their own “culture” so-to-speak.

Delicious. Delicious is very similar to Reddit since both are what I’d call the prototypical social bookmarking format. Links are shared. Links are tagged according to category. Users save the bookmarks. Unlike Reddit though, it doesn’t use the like/dislike system. Instead, the popularity of the bookmark depends on site views and how much a bookmark is saved by users. or

Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon is kind of a service that helps bring content that you enjoy to you. You register an account, choose tags that you’re interested in then click their stumble button. You’re then allowed to rate the content that’s they feed you. The content that’s shared depends on your friends (the service can be linked to Facebook) or users that share the same interest as you. It’s a cool fun site that’s very personalized.

Tumblr. Social bookmarking tools usually rely on sharing reference links but Tumblr is a kind of hybrid between a social bookmarking tool and a blog. Tumblr is primarily a blogging platform and a content management system to the tune of Joomla or WordPress but the majority of the content posted in the site comes from other Tumblr users or content aggregated from other websites. A lot of pictures, videos and articles are shared by users. When you choose to follow another user, the content he or she shares will appear on your dashboard. You also have the option to search tags you are interested in so that you can find content from users that you don’t follow.

There are various other social bookmarking sites that focus both on general topics like the ones I’ve already shared and many others that focus on niche topics. If you’re trying to market your blog or website, using social bookmarks can also drive people to your site. Try it and learn the wonders social bookmarking can do for you by monitoring Google analytics.

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