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Tips for Reusing Blog Content

After posting numerous articles in your blog, you will notice some of the older articles have more visitors than others. Unfortunately, these articles are buried deep in the archive and new readers are less likely to find them. By recycling or reusing old content in different formats, you can bring these pieces back to life to reach a diverse audience.

Here are five tips for reusing your blog content:Reusing Blog Content

1. Turn it into an eBook

If you are an expert in a niche topic, your old blog content is perfect for an eBook. You can revive this content with fresh concepts, more depth, added detail and update it with the latest information, such as links and statistics. Offering old content as an eBook, in pdf format, is an excellent way to obtain more subscribers.

2. Use it in an email newsletter

Your blog content is an ideal tool for an email newsletter. Make sure you rewrite the title and content in a fresh and interesting way. Why? Your old subscribers may have read it before, and you do not want to bore them. Having a new title and engaging content will make your subscribers want to visit your blog.

3. Turn it into a slideshow video

You can convert your blog content into a slideshow and save it in PowerPoint presentation format. The content can be summarized using a bulleted list to avoid being monotonous. Do not forget to provide a link to the full article. You can post it on YouTube, Facebook, or in your blog. Additionally, you can add value to the slideshow by narrating it yourself for use in video training! This will increase traffic to your blog. In addition, when your audience sees you and hears your voice, they have the opportunity to connect with you on a more personal level.

4. Turn it into an audio format

Another way to revive your old blog content is to turn it into an audio format. Speaking your article will increase your reputation as not many blog owners have an audio format for their articles. Having audio also makes your blog more personable, and the audience will respond positively by becoming repeat visitors. If you have a series of audio articles for your blog, they can be turned into podcast.

5. Submit it to blog carnivals

As a blogger, you need other bloggers to help increase your blog traffic. Participating in blog carnivals is a technique used by many bloggers to drum up visitors. You can submit your niche topic before the carnival begins, and when the carnival starts, your content will appear on the front page of the blogger host, ready for the intended audience. Make sure you have revised the content and have a catchy title. Visitors who are enthralled by the content will click on the link to your blog. This is a smart way to reuse your old content to increase blog traffic.

Reusing your revised blog content by making them available in different formats, as well as participating in blog carnivals, will increase the number of visitors to your blog. Because of the revised and updated content, your blog will be more vibrant, and it will enhance your reputation and credibility.

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