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Internet Marketing Reference Book Reviews II

Conventional marketers were met with a challenge during the first decade of the new millennium. As the online world began to take over the retail world, and people began to migrate to social media websites, it became evident that direct and offline marketing budgets would slowly begin to take a back seat to online marketing and interactive content that is fed to users, including online video, press releases and blogs. In order to handle these changes, marketing experts have had to consult with leaders in online marketing, and the best way to do that is through some of the content that they write for others to see. If you’re still getting caught up in the world of online marketing, here’s a few books you can read to wrap your head around a new form of marketing.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Scott

Take your marketing efforts back to basics with David Scott’s new book. The New Rules of Marketing and PR offers valuable insight into online strategies that you may not be completely privy to. From social media to blogging, news releases to video, this book has sold more than 250 million copies in the time that it has been out, and is sure to give you valuable tactics that you can put into play almost immediately. Without getting too complex, this book offers tips and tricks for creating buzz around your brand on the various online channels that available to you as well as the audience you’re targeting.

Duct Tape Marketing by Jantsch

So the saying goes, “Duct tape fixes everything.” Most likely, if you have a small business, your online marketing efforts are broken, and could use a little fixer upper. Small business owners should give certainly give this book a read and learn some simple mindsets that can help improve your online marketing strategy.  Far too often, small businesses look for solutions that will work quickly, when they should be looking for ways to guarantee the longevity of their business’ life. If you’re serious about your small business standing up to the big boys, give this book a good read.

The Dip by Seth Godin

If you’ve been working on new online marketing efforts that haven’t gone so well lately, you’ve more than likely considered giving up and going in a new direction. Unfortunately, this often turns out to be a story about a skipping record. One effort after another, you constantly see setbacks in new ideas for online marketing. The Dip is meant to encourage you to power through the trials and tribulations of getting an online marketing effort up and running. No one has had a smooth site launch, or a quick Facebook page launch…no one. Let this book help you get through the feeling of failure that comes with the usually long-winded online marketing efforts.

Your business needs to succeed online if it’s going to succeed at all. Take care to read a couple of the books that we present to you.

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