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Analytics Implementation

How do you measure internet business success?

Analytics are an essential tool to internet business success. Without knowing what visitors are doing on your site, you could be flying blind. Services such as Google Analytics allow website owners to see what is happening on their websites. Things like:

  • Entrance pages (the page that people showed up on your website)
  • Referring websites (tells us what other websites are sending traffic to yours)
  • Keywords that search engine users input to the search box to arrive at your website
  • How your PPC or other advertising campaigns are performing
  • Numbers of visitors coming to your site
  • Your website’s most important pages
  • Bounce rate (are people staying on your site?)
  • Click patterns (what are people clicking on your website?)
  • Conversion rate (specific to ecommerce websites)

Most companies have no idea what type of information is available to them and how the website data from a good analytics provider can completely change how they make business decisions. Business owners are no longer forced to make decisions on gut instincts. Make informed decisions based on solid data metrics.

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