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Link Baiting 101

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Link Baiting

Simply put, Link Baiting is the art of creating content that people are interested in checking out and ultimately sharing within their social circles. It can be an article, a picture, video or downloadable software. Making something interesting enough to actually get people to share it is the hard part. It is also the most rewarding type of link. Keep in mind that creating  “link bait” requires a little creativity.

Link Baiting

Some great examples of content for link-baiting:

How-to guides – people use the internet to do a number of things. One of those things is to research solutions to their problems. Well written/produced how-to-guides can be a great piece of content that users are likely to share. It could be a simple article, an infographic or a video.

An interview or news article if you have articles or videos from interviews about a particular topic or with someone in your industry with some klout, people could be interested in it, republish to their blog and provide a link back to the original content on your website

Contests – You’ve got to admit that people love contests to get free stuff. You could run a T-shirt or poster design contest in order to endorse people to go to your site. Get them sharing the contest with your friends and generate some links.

Lists – Creating lists such as “Top Ten Tips” for a given topic are great forms of content. They are some of the most passed around content among internet users via social media, blogs or email.

Why should you use linkbait?

The primary reason for creating linkbait style content is to generate more links to your website to increase your authority in the search engines.

It’s also a great way to increase your brand awareness and is useful for lead generation.

It is important that you use related, valuable and practical content no matter what the topic.

Creating a great piece of linkbait can take time and investment but is one of the best natural ways to gain links. We all know that links are the most important piece of the puzzle in getting your website ranked in the search engines so get busy creating your next piece of Linkbait content.

If you’ve had success with linkbait, please tell us about it in the comments below!